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If you’re part of the basketball world you’ll want to be connected to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are in the basketball business either by being a member of a basketball club or by actually owning a basketball business, it’s essential the right people are able to find you easily.

Finding The Best Information

The world of the Internet is vast and it’s stacked with information about basketball, basketball clubs and businesses that can provide basketball enthusiasts with pretty much everything they want to know or learn. It is important for those organisations to build a strong name and web presence for themselves. Building a website is one of the top priorities. Ensuring that your website does not get lost in the multitude of sports websites is a problem that a lot of sports administrators face. The solution? Put the word basketball in the URL.

Keep The Name in the Title

We’re not talking about the title of the website. We are talking about the end of the website domain name itself. A lot of websites use .com or .org or other abbreviations as the ending for their website. However, when you are trying to focus on a very specific field you need to make the domain name as specific as possible. Instead of having a website domain that ends with something generic like .com why not simply have a website that will end with .basketball? Think about it. There is absolutely nothing more you can do to associate your website with the global community of basketball enthusiasts.

Some examples of basketball organisations that have adopted .basketball domain names. 

Build The Best Brand for You

Across the world some of the most well-known brands are adopting this approach for their websites. The Google spiders will be working in your favour as they find your main keyword ‘basketball’ immediately, right there in your domain name.

You are no longer going to have to worry about finding a way to insert your name within the page title because no matter what, basketball will be there as part of the URL. Most importantly, you’ll avoid confusion as your website will clearly identify who you are and what you do, avoiding confusion with any other organisation.

This is a common problem that a lot of websites out there are facing. Their website title is usually confused with other titles by Google resulting in the wrong visitors and target groups being attracted to your site, and the right ones missed. For example – could be anything but communicates so much more.

Secure The Right URL Today

If you want to learn more about the use of .basketball domain names just pay a visit to and learn how you can get your very own. Search for your business and organisations name and find out if your .basketball name is available. You can gain further insights around the benefits of a .basketball domain by checking out reviews and social media here –

Remember that there is absolutely nothing more important than building a website with a strong name closely related to your content. This is the best possible marketing strategy you can adopt in building a strong brand name for your basketball business or basketball club.


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If you are a basketball related organisation you can register your .basketball domain name here.

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