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No matter what your allegiances, the love of basketball creates a bond. We’re all part of the same family and .basketball is our family name.

Our mission is to unite individuals and organisations around the world who have a genuine stake in the game.

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This community was made to feature, encourage and support .basketball users from all around the world. Browse the sites below for examples of those who have chosen to be a part of our diverse community.

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Basketball New Zealand moves to .basketball

New Zealand’s national basketball federation has a new digital home.

Basketball Australia moves to new digital home

A major move to further unify the Australian basketball digital community is underway.


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Live on .basketball

Home for basketball scores, schedules, stats, video, news, fantasy, rankings and more.


The undisputed leader in basketball instruction has a new address online.

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The country of Guyana has joined the community with the site


British Basketball has launched their new website using


The Congolese Leopards Men’s Team for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Argentina were one of the first nations to adopt their .basketball domain name.


Great to see Switzerland joining the family. is now

Learn more at

A major move is made to further unify the Australian basketball digital community.


The United Arab Emirates have their new basketball home at 

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The New Zealand National league has moved to a new .basketball home online.

Visit them at


The Basketball Champions League is a club competition with 32 countries.

Leading national federations and top clubs adopt .basketball domain name


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