New Zealand Basketball moves to .basketball

Along with the national body, Basketball New Zealand, that moved to the domain a few months back, the National league has moved to the new home of basketball on the Internet.

Announcing their move, the NZNBL explained it was ensuring its “digital identity” by moving to what is rapidly becoming the preferred on-line site for the global basketball community.

In recent weeks, the national Federations of India, Thailand, Argentina, Morocco, Indonesia and Mali have taken steps to secure their names in .basketball, and are expected to switch their national sites over shortly. Most other countries are expected to join them.

The NZ NBL is New Zealand’s premiere basketball league featuring the top players from around the country – and now is part of the .basketball family.

New Zealand has long punched above it’s weight in world basketball, always challenging larger basketball nations in world tournaments. Since the nations much loved Steven Adams entered the NBA there has been a huge rise in the sports popularity which has resulted in larger participation and viewership, including the national tournament – the NBL.

This surge in popularity presented a great opportunity for the national body to get a fragmented digital house in order and align as many properties to .basketball – creating a clear, organised and uniform set of domains for the sport in New Zealand.

The NZ NBL is now enjoying the benefits of:

  • Clear brand positioning with the sport of basketball
  • Faster recall of domains and urls
  • Improved search optimisation through relevancy in domain
  • Alignment to the global .basketball movement endorsed by FIBA

The roll out has extended to teams within the league as well as sponsored promotional campaigns such as


“It was a very simple process and really made a whole lot of sense for us to have a uniform approach to our domain names across as many of our digital properties as possible”

Daniel Dawick – Development & Technology at Basketball New Zealand

Visit to see their site.

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