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If you were around in the early days of the web, around the year 2000, the world was simple and straightforward. Domains ended with .com, .info, .org and .net. In addition, there were country-specific endings such as .de, at .or .ch, and so on. Today it’s different. There is a diverse selection of top level domains that could be very beneficial for marketing effectivity. But even though it’s not expensive and easy to switch, hardly anyone uses them yet. Why is that? And why should they?

What top-level domains are there?

If you look at the selection options at any hosting provider, you will find a huge choice of TLDs that are both meaningful and useful:

  • .academy
  • .hotel
  • .beer
  • .basketball
  • .movie
  • .cars
  • .discount
  • .rugby
  • And many more…

Why you should use specific TLDs

Traditionally, numerous companies tried to communicate which services or products they offered through the domain name. Mainly because the URL is also important for marketing and SEO. Examples:

Today, such domain names are not only helpful for SEO, but they also play a major role in terms of recognition. The advantage of these new TLDs is that you can give your business a catchy name while also better conveying what your organisation is about.

It seems apparent that this simple and affordable strategy has not yet been realised widely in marketing departments. For example, it would make sense for a Basketball Association to buy a .basketball domain name, which is now just starting to be done. This video explains why it would makes perfect sense for such organisations to make the move.

It is not only an opportunity for official bodies. For all niche clubs or businesses that have something to do with the sport, a .basketball TLD would be simple to acquire and beneficial. Again here with smaller organisations, it’s early days in it’s adoption. For example, if you search for BUY BASKETBALL in Google, you won’t find a single page with a relevant ending in the top positions, so a real opportunity for the smarter more proactive operators to take this easy win.

The classic COM/NET/INFO domains have been completely overloaded and booked out for years. Most meaningful keywords are gone. Many “good” domain names are bought by professionals and then sold for inflated prices. Examples of this would be names like: or With the availability of the newer TLD endings, there is now options for brands and digital destinations to manoeuvre.

Meaningful domain names increase the recognition value. They are ideal for advertising slogans, jingles and messaging because they are easier to remember.

These new and progressive domains are also a sign of an open minded and modern organisation or brand, particularly to a younger audience who did not grow up with the limitation of the older domain options. As the use of gTLD’s become commonplace it will become increasingly important that new entities secure the domain name that best communicates their

It’s a busy and cluttered marketing world – we only get a split second of people’s attention. So why not make this simple switch and give your brand or club a head start, before everyone catches on.

If you are a basketball related organisation you can register your .basketball domain name here.

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