Is Dusan Domovic Bulut the Best Ever?

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The .basketball community is stacked with countless superstars. From LeBron James to Steph Curry to Kevin Durant, the game is riddled with household names competing in perhaps the greatest professional sport in the world.

Be that as it may, many lovers of the game fail to realise there’s also basketball icons outside the traditional five on five game.

From college stars to street ball legends, the world of basketball possesses individuals that have etched their name in the game’s folklore through all forms of the sport. Professional dunkers, shooting extraordinaries and famous ball handlers fill our news feed on a daily basis, creating a name for themselves through their own expression of the

One of those now famous personalities is Dusan Domovic Bulut, who is the Michael Jordan of 3v3 basketball. The owner of one of the very first .basketball domains for his website, Bulut has grown his reputation as the greatest 3v3 player in the world. He has won 3×3 World Tour titles, European Championships, World Cups
and MVP awards. This guy is the real deal.



The Serbian born hooper is currently ranked number one in the world in men’s individual 3×3 basketball by the International Basketball Federation, and currently plays for Novi Sad Al-Wahda in Serbia as well as his 3×3 Serbian National Team.

Bulut’s rise to stardom began in August 2012, when he featured in the FIBA 3X3 World Tour. It was obvious right away that Bulut’s overall game and basketball gifts suited the 3×3 style, and he quickly ascended into one of the premier players worldwide.

His outstanding, match winning performances saw him drafted with the 24th pick by the Ball Hogs in the 2019 BIG3 draft – the professional 3v3 league in America. The BIG3 was created by legendary rapper Ice Cube, with former NBA greats competing in the 3v3 environment. Unfortunately due to COVID the BIG3 season was cancelled and Bulut has not had the chance to compete in the BIG3.

The growth of 3×3 basketball has been phenomenal. FIBA (partners in the .basketball digital community) has now announced that 3×3 will be an official sport in all future Olympic Games, World Cups and any FIBA related professional basketball event. The stage is getting bigger all the time for Dusan Domovic Bulut.

As the game continues to reach new heights Bulut continues to lead the charge, growing the discipline in all corners of the globe. The now 35 year-old may be on the backend of his prime, but his legacy within the game as a pioneer of 3×3 basketball will never be forgotten. Perhaps he will be remembered as the best ever.


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